Saturday, December 6, 2008

Guido van Robot

Guido van RobotGuido the Robot is a simulator designed to teach people the rudiments of programming in Python. It's based on the earlier Karel the Robot. It's probably too simple for CMSC201, but might be useful for an initial exercise of perhaps for CMSC100 or CMSC104. Students write simple programs in a subset of Python to control a robot as it moves around in a city consisting of a rectangular grid of streets (left-right) and avenues (up-down). The system is open sourced, available on sourceforge and still being developed.

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André said...

You may want to check rur-ple ( It was inspired by Guido van Robot (GvR) but uses Python instead of a Python-like syntax. It also includes more lessons than GvR and more challenging problems. On the downside, it is slightly less polished than GvR.