Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Club ShowMeDo videos on learning Python

Club Showmedo videos on learning Python

The showMeDo site has a series of short screencast videos on learning Python. Access to most of these required a $60/year subscription fee, however.
"Are you learning Python? To keep the site running clean and ad-free we've started Club ShowMeDo. The club will allow you access to some special videos we're making to pass on programming skills we consider important to the development and enjoyment of Free Open Source Software (FOSS).

The focus at the moment is on developing with the Python programming language, one of the backbones of the FOSS movement with a huge number of included and third-party libraries."
I'm not sure how effective these screencasts are, but we might experiment with the idea for teaching cmsc201. Screen casts with narration are easy to do and could be a good way to augment lectures. We could have the instructors and TAs produce some and might accumulate a good collection over the years. These could be shared with colleagues at other Universities.

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